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About Our Company

Victosales Impex Pvt. Ltd., mainly originated from VICTOSALES GLOBAL, CHINA. Victosales is into product sourcing and manufacturing, warehousing, business development and end to end supply chain solutions provider company for Led lighting services under DLS brand name offering Led lights PCB and PCB raw material such as PCB Etching ink, Solder mask, drill bits, V- cutter, Screen clothe, Aluminium frames, dry films, PCB test equipment’s and machines.

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Why Choose Us

Great business advices.

Tailored to meet customers need- Fulfilment is big challenge and responsibility since it evolves taking orders, processing payment to shipment, packaging & delivery. Services are customized to meet requirement of customers

secure, verifying, fast solution

Offer supply chain consultancy- Supply chain expenditures can have significant impact on the business income can results in organizations growth and profitability.

life time support

Customer support- Providing technical support and fast solutions to problem make clients involved in all conversations with a business.

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we provide 24/7 support.

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Our Advantage

Our services are positioned very carefully, they are of extremely high quality, relevant, timely and accurate, tailored to the client’s needs so as to enable them to make the right decisions, in turn leading towards growth, benefiting the overall economy. China office

  •   Young and Experienced team
  •   Customer first approach
  •   Trained with International standards.
  •   Clear individual personal and company’s goals.
  •   Efficient and effective communication throughout the organization.
  •   Trust, care and commitment
  •   Supply to the specifications
  •   Strong presence and easy access to emerging market

Victosales Impex Pvt. Ltd. believes in creating long term value for its business partners and stake holders.